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Services we offer

We provide a complete personalized service: each of Trazo Firme’s professionals are specialized in a different field of expertise, as we work with clients from several sectors.

We have been providing courses, seminars and workshops on different linguistic fields: translation, writing skills, interpreting, text edition, adapted office automation, use of computer tools…. All that is required to be a high-quality professional.

Document management, technical writing, text editing and proofreading. The effective expression of ideas is everyone’s business, both for a company’s public reputation as well as the professional image of its employees. Don’t lose clients, influence or market share due to poorly written, outlined or edited texts.


All types of interpreting services: simultaneous (conference), consecutive, accompanying, liaison, whispered… We also have a portfolio of sworn-interpreters to act in courts and notarial services. As for a quotation based on your needs.

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